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JKS interview on MMM Official Guide Book:

Is there any change on your marriage view?

I didn’t think too much about it before shooting MMM, but now I consider it more and more. If JKS has lover and friends, he will get start to prepare for the marriage. It’s not a bad thing to marry fast. (smiled) In addition, I want to become a good father recently. But on the contrary, there are also some sad things. Getting married in our young 20 generations is something fantasy, however, getting married make us to face the reality. You can tell by just look at my parents (He smiled). In fact, it will be a hard thing for Mary and Mu Gyul to get married; even Mary’s father doesn’t want them to do that. But when hearing Mary’s father call Ji in “wuli son- in-law” I will think,“ah, this is the true reality” (smiled). Though there are many comedy elements in this drama, as ordinary people, we need to think like that when we want to make our life more stable. I think like that. (smiled)

Now you are very famous in Japan, how do you feel?

It’s really amazing that there are so many people like me in Japan all in a sudden, along with it are more and more fanatic fans (stalkers -- those fans are super fanatic about idols private lives), which make me feel a little complex. Of cause, I am thankful about this, but on the other hand I feel worried, however, I will never give in. I feel worried but will not afraid them, and also I will not give me too much pressure because of the fanatic fans. I will act like what I have usually do till the end.

Send you regards to the Japanese audiences:

Wish everyone watch MMM happily with the thought of “that is JKS’s ideal life”. Thought I want to live freely like that, it’s impossible for me to abandon everything and everyone that are important to me to pursuit that kind of life. I feel content with my recent life, without pity and regret, but if I have the chance to relive my life, I hope I can live like Mu Gyul.

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